1. SVZ Design

SVZ Design uses animations, transitions, and visual effects for their brand. This pleases the user's eye and shows the brand's design expertise.

SVZ Design's start-to-finish project page clearly demonstrates their UX and product design skills. It also perfectly shows their dedication to thinking carefully about UI.

SVS is a great website for web design agencies or freelancers looking for inspiration for their website.

2. OK Drugs

Bold visuals, edible typography and a vibrant color scheme. There are so many reasons why OK Drugs made the list of best websites, but the use of asymmetry really influenced the decision.

One of the basic principles of design is to create balance within a composition. While many website designers strive to achieve this by using symmetrical layouts, OK Drugs approaches balance in an asymmetrical way. They emphasize the unconventionality of the brand, and the abundance of free space keeps the site from overwhelming users.

3. Wayside studio

Studio Wayside by Curry Hackett is a finalist for the Webflow Awards. The design of this website is dominated by a green background, but that doesn't make the design boring at all. An interesting combination of fonts, fun scroll-based navigation and quality photos, and unexpected interactions when hovering the mouse cursor. All of this together makes the site memorable. You can pick up cool chips and add them to your projects.

4. Yantra

Most sites for establishments look typical and the same. Unlike many restaurant sites, Yantra focuses on atmosphere rather than food. The home page features a full gallery of stunning images of the restaurant's interior. We like that the online menu has a tab for each section of the menu (because otherwise scrolling through the extensive menu would be quite long). In addition, the site developer used the Wix gift card feature to make it easy for regular users to share with their significant other and attract new customers.

5. VOUS Church

VOUS Church is an impressive solution for a church website. It's a great example of a website for non-profit organizations. Their site shows the mission and goals of the church and presents the topic of religion in a different way. With subtle layout choices, content, and an extensive media and blog page, the VOUS Church website is in line with the ideas of the church.

6. Sonja Van Duellmen.

Sonja Van Dulmen Studio's one-page website. The site has animations, galleries, and a mix of typography that is a pleasure to look at. Mixed layouts and unusual solutions do not disorient the user, on the contrary, the navigation is extremely simple and clear. These solutions show the masterful work of the designers.

Taking quality images for the cover, they designed a website header that mimics the cover of a magazine. The website title is bold in the center of the page and matches the curve of the cover image. On the right side, the anchor points act as a table of contents.

7. Ready

Ready adheres to the idea of "less is more." The site combines all the main ideas of its product on one page with a clear call to action. This simplistic design is a great site for its balance of functionality and form. The user immediately has a picture in their head as Ready shows their product through screenshots.

Ready is easy to use and stands out in the market with its catchy images and pleasing color scheme.

8. Hall of Zero Limits.

Hall of Zero Limits immerses the user in the game. The 3D navigation puts the user in the center of the hall, surrounded by mesmerizing shades of green and black. The smooth scrolling and user interface takes the player from one part of the game to another, immersing them in the world of Wakanda. The player can enjoy the game on any device, as Hall of Zero Limits is optimized for mobile devices and computers.

9. April Ford

Specializing in digital advertising, SEO, social media, branding and web design, April Ford is a duo led by April and Brendan Ford. As a finalist for Webflow Awards 2022 Technical Achievement, April Ford offers a great solution for those looking for professional and engaging web design.

April Ford uses a minimalistic black and white colour scheme, complemented by large, high-quality images of their previous work. Although the photos take up a large portion of the space on the site, they create a visual effect that makes you feel as if you're in April Ford's office.

10. Noah Demeuldre

Noah Demeuldre made the list of best websites because of his use of video. What we see resembles footage from a beautiful trailer or a quality commercial. Not surprising, since the art director has done commercials, movies, music videos and TV work. The one-page website is constantly in flux. Demeldre's clips fill the screen, and the scrolling effect he applies to each one ensures that navigating the website is as engaging as his work.

11. Chiara Luzzana

Art director and developer Niccolo Miranda added artistry and creativity to Chiara Luzzana's web design. Chiara Luzzana's website is a high-quality, interactive user interface that interweaves sound and visuals.

Typography and typeface are used as basic design elements to create layout and space, and vertical scrolling is replaced by horizontal scrolling. Sound additions subtly complement the brand, and smooth animation enhances the soundscape.

This is one of the coolest designs we've seen. This is a great website option for those looking for an example of an artistic approach to web design. No other template will achieve this effect.

12. Pierre-Louis Labonne

Creative freelancer Pierre-Louis Labonne sends us to his site with a big button that you just want to click.

Pierre-Louis' site showcases several different web design trends for 2023. A loading screen, a design inspired by nostalgia, a customizable browsing interface, and lots of "just for fun" interactions.

Once you go to the site, you can customize the cartoon character's face and click on various blocked areas of the screen to see Pierre-Louis' work. In addition, you'll find thoughtful animation on the site, including links to Pierre-Louis' Twitter, LinkedIn and Webflow profiles. This Webflow Awards finalist for Technical Achievement is one of the best websites showcasing thoughtful interactions and graphic design.

13. HERoines

We chose HERoines as the best example in the nonprofit website category because of its effectiveness for branding. The subtle color scheme and inspiring images create a cohesive brand image. The site uses testimonials, a compelling message, to attract new users. This site targets a female target audience and uses every means to attract and position them.

14. Superlist

The Superlist productivity app applies the "5-second rule" brilliantly. Take a look at a web page for 5 seconds, and you'll understand what it's aimed at: productivity for teams and individuals. This tool helps them work on improving their performance and how they interact.

The simple but clever slider makes this one of the best sites in terms of versatility because of the wide range of uses.

15. Michael Kors Collection

The design team who created the Michael Kors Collection website captures the timeless glamour of New York fashion in a mesmerizing way.

The site invites visitors to immerse themselves in the world of Michael Kors, drawing inspiration from the music of the 1970s. The design and monochrome user interface really exemplify and embody the elegant Fall/Winter 2023 collection.

This example can serve as inspiration for a new website design for your next fashion client.

16. Noni Ceramica

Noni Ceramica is one of the best examples of a mobile website. Considering that mobile devices account for 52% of the world's Internet traffic, we decided to add a site to our top that provides a great experience for smartphone users. The site was designed for a workshop that makes clay products. The workshop sells its products and holds workshops.

17. Supernatural

The Supernatural brand offers an exciting way to get creative in the kitchen. All of their powdered products and recipes feature vibrant color. And the yellow-based color scheme blends with their packaging, advertising colors and social media posts, giving them a unified brand. Their store section has plenty of space, thumbnails of product images that change with the hover of the cursor, and a minimum of captions. Product descriptions are simple and well-structured, and there are relevant customer testimonials at the bottom of each product as additional social proof.

18. Minna

Minna is an organic tea company that sells it in a variety of packages. Their tea does not contain the excessive amounts of sugar that you find in most teas. That said, their teas remain light and delightful to taste.

The full-size header image, parallax CSS scrolling effect and corresponding colorful sections. These are all examples of modern web design trends. In addition, minor details such as adding nutritional information and relevant certifications next to the "Order Online" caption increase visitors' trust in the brand.

19. George Nakashima Woodworkers

George Nakashima was a Japanese-American woodworker turned architect who saw the importance of caring for nature. The website features his beautiful work, which is legendary for its use of natural wood forms. The website is essentially a slideshow of his one-of-a-kind pieces of furniture, philosophy, and beautiful images of forestry.

His profound quotes about nature, trees or wood combined with the site's light but elegant theme make it relaxing for visitors and show that George Nakashima's woodwork is incredible. He recognizes the beauty of trees and the environment.

20. 1917: Into the Trenches.

Into the Trenches: 1917, dedicated to one of the best war movies of all time, is also one of the best websites with a 360-degree reality addition. Movie buffs can walk around the set and see it in its entirety from the comfort of their own home. See how the creators bring the film to the big screen, and learn the secrets of film in 3D.

Immerse yourself in exclusive behind-the-scenes locations and explore mile-long trenches in full-scale web-based augmented reality. The site has won several awards, worldwide acclaim, and press praise. Users can experience a detailed, real-world war setting combined with a wide variety and in-depth content for an incredible viewing time of over 3.5 minutes.

21. The Octopus: A design blog by IDEO

IDEO is one of the world's leading design companies, striving to create human-centered design and make a positive impact with their work. The Octopus blog is a testament to their incredible work, which won a Webby award for best business blog/website. The blog's website is designed with a black and white theme and a different drawing of an octopus, as the design of its home page creates a unified theme when scrolling.

With the yellow hue highlighted in the blog's headers and the images facing you, the website's engaging features allow the audience to enjoy scrolling, reading stories and a unique user experience.

22. Diana Danieli.

Diana Danieli is an interior design, construction and furniture brand that helps clients realize their dream of the perfect home with an exclusive interior. Winner of the Webby Award for best website design. Their site has a black and white theme with images of art and architecture that are exceptional and highly exposed.

The site has a cascading hover effect and makes viewing the images more engaging. Each photo on the website showcases the creativity and extensive work of the artist who owns the site. A great new effect of the website is that it includes soothing audio and piano music.

23. Scott Snyder.

Scott Snyder is a product and object photographer from Costa Mesa, California. His photographs are sharp and of top-notch quality. The professional photographer showcases his best photos with lots of negative space on the homepage. You can learn more about each photo project by clicking on the corresponding photo: he mentions the roles in the project, what he did to successfully complete the project, the client and more for each photo. In addition to showcasing his work on the home page, he has a separate work page where he has beautifully laid out more of his work in a two-column format.

24. FPP

FPP is a good example of the 2023 trend - interactive user interaction with the site. It mimics a real trip to the store because it allows you to virtually walk by the counters and find a pineapple. Marketing agency FPP tells a visual story about lost merchandise and abandoned carts. As you walk further down the aisle, you discover their services and offerings. The design uses a minimum of color and parallax effects to make navigation pleasant, soothing and less tiring for the eyes. And the "pineapple" button is a great experiment in web design.

25. Moooi

Moooi is one of the legendary brands that inspire the world with their innovative interior design. Like their original, rebellious and sophisticated methods, their website is unique, conveying something extra in terms of beauty and uniqueness through stunning photographs. In addition, the website is an unexpected and exciting display of a carefully chosen combination of lighting, furniture, accessories and other eclectic things that are used in everyday interiors.

Through an artistic combination of animation and video, the website attracts visitors with a sense of sophistication and gives an extra touch of creativity. The arrangement of images, colors and other effects immerses one in a special atmosphere. Moreover, Moooi is a nominee for one of the best websites.

26. Mammut

Explore the world, share your experiences with the community and win prizes. Mammut is a community site for local adventurers that encourages you to take a walk around the neighborhood. Take and submit photos to win gear.

The homepage and images on the website are nicely designed, with cool transitions and scrolling logo animations. The website is incredibly thoughtful, with careful consideration of every element that can encourage visitors to go out and tell a compelling story through photos.

27. Pioneer - Corn. Revolutionized

Pioneer's website uses bold and contrasting colors, a beautiful blend of real-time scientific data and 3D resources, and animation to shape the design and feel of the site. The organization beautifully describes Pioneer's manufacturing processes and cutting-edge scientific achievements on its website.

From a technical and scientific standpoint, the design makes the movement down the page rhythmic and natural, ensuring that readers read every bold and large copy caption and navigate through each CTA on the home page. In addition, the website provides a more transparent view of each process and team deliverables for easy understanding.

28. Nomadic Tribe

Nomadic Tribe, is one of the most striking examples of illustration, interaction and animated storytelling with four chapters and a brilliant soundtrack. The carefully crafted website is a well-designed UX/UI that users will remember for a long time. The website is a journey that uses 3D graphics to tell a compelling story and drive the comic book world.

While keeping it user-friendly, Nomadic Tribe has created turnkey navigation and has done an exceptional job with beautiful animated transitions that have made it the site of the year. Don't forget to turn on the sound while browsing the website.

29. King

King is not your average graphic website. They are a leading interactive entertainment company with more than 200 games in their arsenal, including the popular Candy Crush game. They won the award for best graphic website design. Their website is not just about colors, icons or images, but rather about the mascot characters they've created, the story behind them and how users are deeply connected to each game.

With illustrations, moving graphics, audio/video and a variety of colors as you scroll down the page, the site itself becomes a real experience while staying consistent with the brand. The three-dimensional look of each character makes scrolling fun, and the clever use of various "call-to-action" buttons makes visiting the site worthwhile.

30. Alan Menken.

Legendary composer Alan Menken has created some of Disney's most beloved songs, capturing the imagination of audiences for more than 35 years. His website reflects his musical and poetic love and is one of the most incredible portfolio sites.

A compilation of all of his famous works along with a fascinating biography of the legend allows the website to weave a fascinating story along with interactive navigation for the user. The compositions of his famous songs come to life through a clean, minimalist interface and the use of large grids that encourage visitors to go back to their childhood memories and listen to the songs over and over again.

31. Crypton.trading.

A top-notch website that skillfully brings animation and artificial intelligence experiences to life with impressive use of CSS and JavaScript. Cryptontrading demonstrates how to present cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin with modern solutions such as artificial intelligence. The website helps to understand changes in the value of the currency and identify important buying and selling opportunities. It shows an excellent concept and implementation.


In conclusion, we hope this article has helped you see the limitless possibilities of website design. We can dive into these great sites and take inspiration from their unique approaches. Note the harmonious color palette, intuitive navigation, and attention to detail that make these sites truly unique. By using the techniques and strategies used on these top sites, you can improve your own design and captivate your users.

As a team, we are constantly immersed in the world of design, exploring new concepts, techniques and ideas that inspire our creativity. But we don't stop there. Our goal is to translate that inspiration into tangible results for our clients. We believe that great design is not just about creating visually stunning websites, but understanding our clients' unique needs and providing solutions that exceed their expectations.

We take the time to listen and understand our clients' goals and aspirations in order to create websites that not only reflect the client's corporate identity, but also meet their target audience. Furthermore, we constantly push ourselves to think outside the box, look for innovative design solutions, and surprise and delight our clients with our creativity.