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Design for Retainer products

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Design for Retainer products
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A team of UX/UI designers, art director and product manager is ready to start working on your project this coming Monday!

Page List 13
Work process
Reviews 10

Service description

A team of UX/UI designers, art director and product manager is ready to start working on your project this coming Monday!

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For you it's simple and transparent process

Briefing and interviews

Briefing and interviews



Development and support

Development and support

Planning and design

Planning and design

We start by preparing a list of important questions, record screencasts for the briefing, and then call you via Zoom or Google Meet. This allows us to understand what you expect to receive and identify the strengths and weaknesses of your project.

Afterward, we conduct a competitor analysis and identify the best design solutions to help your product stand out.

When working on the design, we take into account the requirements of SEO specialists, rely on a niche study and competitor analysis. We create a unique Data Driven design so that all elements can be easily adapted to different device sizes. All of this is packaged in a user-friendly design system that is easy to maintain and expand.

Once your project is up and running, our team stays by your side: helping, explaining, fixing, improving and suggesting ideas. We care - AffArts is always ready to help your project grow.

At this stage, we agree on a plan, fix deadlines and prices, so that you know exactly when you will receive the design and how much you will pay for it.

Based on your wishes and requirements, we design a prototype of the future website or app interface. We take into account the brand-message you want to convey and prioritize the design to make it as attractive and functional as possible.

What about us

We have gone from ordering on the Fiverr freelance platform to working with large companies. Now AffArts operates worldwide. Among our clients are companies from Singapore, France, Austria, Canada, Czech Republic, Belgium, USA, UK, India, Israel.

Many clients, having contacted AffArts once, stay with us for a long time.

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Design for Retainer products
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Conducted UX research and prepared a wireframe
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